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Suede Multifunctional Glasses Clip

Suede Multifunctional Glasses Clip

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Practicality & style!

Easy Access : Glasses clips on the sun visor, within easy reach for quick and convenient access while driving.

Personalization : Personalize with your car logo for a personalized and stylish touch to the interior of your vehicle.

Enhanced Security : Keep your glasses secure and avoid distractions by keeping them securely in place while traveling.

Universal Compatibility : Designed to fit most car sun visors, ensuring quick and easy installation.

Premium effect!

Glasses Protection : Protects your glasses from scratches, dirt and damage by keeping them out of the way on the sun visor.

Compact Design : Compact and discreet, does not interfere with the visibility and aesthetics of your vehicle's interior.

Durable Materials : Made of high-quality, durable materials for long life and reliable daily use.

Versatility : Not only for sunglasses , but also for prescription glasses, business cards and other small items.

Do not wait !

180 Degree Rotation : Flexible rotation for optimal adjustment depending on the angle of the sunshade and your personal preferences.

Stable fixation : Robust and secure clip for stable fixation, even on bumpy roads or under sudden braking.

Space Saving : Frees up space in your car by avoiding having glasses lying around on the dashboard or in the center console.

Ideal Gift : Perfect as a gift for car owners, adding a practical and stylish touch to their driving experience.