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Personalized Magnetic Glasses Holder

Personalized Magnetic Glasses Holder

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Practicality & style!

Glasses Protection : Keep your glasses safe and within reach while driving, preventing scratches and damage.

Adjustable Design : Fits all sizes of glasses, with a flexible design to fit different vehicle types.

Custom Logo : Have the logo of your choice engraved on the glasses holder, adding a personalized and professional touch to your car.

Durable material : Made of sturdy material , ensuring long life and impact resistance.

Easy to install!

Easy to install : Quick and easy attachment to the sun visor or other convenient location of your vehicle, without requiring additional tools.

Convenient access : Quick access to your glasses without having to search for them in the car, improving road safety .

Avoid Distractions : Reduces the risk of distractions by keeping your glasses within reach, allowing you to stay focused on the road.

Versatile : Not only for sunglasses, but also suitable for reading glasses, night driving glasses or night vision glasses.

Do not wait !

Extra storage space : Frees up space in the center console or doors by providing a dedicated place for your glasses.

Unique Gift Idea : A personalized and practical gift for drivers or car enthusiasts, leaving a lasting impression with your personalized logo.

Universal Compatibility : Fits most cars, trucks and SUVs, providing a convenient storage solution for glasses on the go.

Satisfaction Guarantee : Make sure every purchase is backed by a satisfaction guarantee, providing peace of mind to your customers.